Celebrity Makeup Looks – Can We Really Afford Them?

When it comes to celebrity makeup, Selena Gomez is one of my favorites. I’ve never, ever seen a horrible picture of her! Her makeup is always amazing. It’s fresh and natural with an occasional bold lip or liner. Stunning, effortless looks that are easily repeatable and wearable any day of the week. But let’s be real, if I attempted to reproduce every stunning photograph of Selena, I’d go bankrupt.

Drugstore makeup can become expensive, too. For example, to recreate the 3 celebrity looks in this post you would need 3 different lipsticks. They retail for around $8.99 a tube so that would be $27. And, that’s just the lips! But there is a solution for us thrill-seeking, makeup geeks.

Makeup Palettes

Places like BH Cosmetics are great at providing affordable makeup options in the form of palettes. They have 66-shade lipstick palettes for $9.99…that’s 15¢ a shade. A huge savings in comparison to a drugstore buy ($9.99 vs. $593 to be exact).

Wholesale Makeup

Then there is wholesale makeup. Places like eBay and Amazon can offer makeup artists (and geeks) a chance to buy makeup at wholesale prices. Not only can you save a ton for your personal use, you can even make a little extra cash retailing the makeup at retail prices. It’s a Win-Win.

So the answer is Yes. We can afford them with the right resources. We don’t have the luxury of a personal makeup artist but we can enjoy the benefits as if we did.


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2 comments on “Celebrity Makeup Looks – Can We Really Afford Them?
  1. Yes. I don’t want to even think of the amount of money I spent on makeup over the last three years. Most of it is Chanel. What’s worse is that I don’t even really use it. I’ve stopped buying makeup in general over the last six months or so. Another good place to find makeup is at discount stores like T J Maxx. I noticed as of late there are a few sections in the store where there are high end make up selections at a fraction of the cost. Or my favorite spot for MAC makeup, in Manhattan called Century 21.

    I hope that swimsuit pic of Selena is recent. I’m in search of some vintage inspired suits for my honeymoon!

    • Hi Arelis! If I had an accountant I’m sure he/she would faint at the amount of money I put into makeup and skin care. It’s sort of pitiful {I admit}. But it makes me smile in the inside. I reserve my high-end {good stuff} for special occasions. Day to Day, I’m all about drugstore makeup :-) which I have tons of. I cut back a few months ago too once I realized I had a big filled with mascara and nail polish that was a bit embarrassing.

      ….the first step is admitting…I guess. I’m an addict!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Hope you enjoy 2014 to the fullest and good luck on your wedding and honeymoon!

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